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Why the Hate?

Jan 3, 2011 12:27

When Abu Toameh, arab reporter/journalist writing for the Jerusalem Post, toured the U.S., he told us that pro arab posturing on the american university campues was more scarey than what was happening on his own home turf!

Now why would that be? Are the american youth seduced into thoughtless positions by master manipulators from out of the 1960's -- underground weathermen? international solidarity revolutionaries? Now that the communist soviet union is no longer being pointed out as the shining exemplar of all these lefties yearn for, they have turned their focus on the destruction of the tiny jewish State of Israel? My, how far the socialist workers rhetoric has fallen! It's like 6.8Billion gentiles working at annhilating about 15Million jews. What for? Will a "judenrein" gentile world be a better place for their children? Reading history does NOT suggest that pagan gentiles have ever done anything but worship a pantheon of pagan gods and goddesses, and violently conduct wars against anybody who is not part of them.



Submitted by debrobeaudean, Jan 2, 2011 15:34

and,, the Obama administration is arranging for Syria to now have an American ambassador because they "say" they want "peace" with Israel... how timely and convenient... PULEEZ


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