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Submitted by gary fouse, Feb 8, 2014 20:33

Berkeley should replace their Golden Bear mascot with an image of Bazian. He is a poster boy for the garbage that passes for education at Berkeley.


response to islamaphobia

Submitted by anne kieffer, Feb 6, 2014 22:42

First of all, I would not allow a professor to require me to to this stupid project. I grew up on the African continent and spent 7 years in Egypt. I can tell you without hesitation that Islam is a very serious threat not just globally, but especially to our own nation. It is incompatible with our laws, our social norms, and our understanding of freedom. Berkeley continues to be a bastion of left-wing ideology that is completely irrational and intolerant of other points of view.


This is why the U.S. is going down the drain

Submitted by Joan, Feb 6, 2014 13:13

These Berkeley students knew or should have known about the professor's inclinations when they signed up for the course, and, failing that, the title and content of the course told them what to expect as to the course content. It is only when they get bitten in their respective behinds that they realize they are nothing more than Useful Idiots.

It is shameful that a major university is also a whore. How much money did Berkeley receive to fund that course? I smell the hand of Saudi Arabia in this.


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