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Islamophobia in general

Submitted by delta Mike, Aug 28, 2013 20:23

It's absurd for the Muslims to kill people in their Qur'anically mandated Jihad against all unbelievers (80% of humanity) and then try to discount people's concerns about their brutality as some sort of "phobia". The definition of a "phobia" is a groundless fear! But concern over Muslims and their murderous Jihad is not a "groundless fear!"


My reaction to this acadamnable idiot's claim is:

Submitted by Leonard Levinson, Aug 26, 2013 19:44


Eventually even the most deluded suckers figure out they are being targeted and used, and they rebel. Islamophobic is now a synonym for sane. I hope and pray that someday we will find a cure for islam.


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