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The Picture of Dorian Grey

Submitted by Edward Cline, Oct 24, 2011 18:39

The FBI is supposed to be protecting Americans from Islamic jihad. The violent kind of easy enough to combat, at least if the FBI isn't ordered to NOT identify the ideology, which apparently it has been so ordered. But, the stealth kind, as described in this article? How do we combat it? Was there such a thing as "Naziphobia" in 1941? And if there were, would we have won the war? Very, very doubtful.


FBI/CAIR inherent frictions.

Submitted by Charlie Griffith, Oct 24, 2011 17:06

Get those women FBI agents re-assigned somewhere offering no opportunities to be meddlesome, and never anywhere as spokeswomen.

That FBI office appears to have been duped into something, or "used".....only a few surface details available.......by the CAIR operatives.


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