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Why isn't the United States . . .

Submitted by Donna Joseph, Jun 11, 2010 12:25

It is stated the very last paragraph of this essay that plans are being made for another attempt at a land and sea entry into Gaza . . . with all of the Israeli gathered intelligence that these organizations, IHH and the like have with obvious connections to Al-Quaida, why isn't the United States making a pro active assistance to the Israelis to help stop these terrorist induced flotilla's especially in light of the fact that Americans who also have ties to these terrorist groups are involved ... this brings the terror once again to our own shores . . . where are the Americans, Israel's allies in all of this? Are they paying attention? They didn't pay attention when Israel warned them prior to 9/11 . . . what is really going on?

Can anyone answer this question?


Great backgound info!

Jun 11, 2010 01:42

This provides excellent historical background that I was unfamiliar with. I wish this could be more widely disseminated! - I do not know how!!


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