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hunger and illness

Submitted by mik, Jun 7, 2010 22:51

its so sad that the ones who bear the brunt of violence are often those who have no power...children need food and medical supplies no matter what Hamas or the Israeli hard liners believe; I don't understand why the United Nations is not allowed to deliver needed aid to the poverty stricken people of Gaza. Allowing women and children to suffer is a poor policy and its too bad that the US govt is unable to help. Surprising that the world looks away while this death by neglect policy is in place.


Long Time Coming

Submitted by Norm, Jun 7, 2010 14:49

Although I'm a consumate liberal, I absolutely agree with most of McCarthy's points. I joined the Navy after our hostages were in Iran for over a year while Jimmy Carter meandered aimlessly through diplomatic channels trying to appease Islamic radicals. It was embarrassing and pathetic...

Granted, we should have never propped up the Shah in the first place but to see Muslims burn our flag and efigies of Carter shouting "Death to America!!" was a bit over the top.

That was over 30 years ago and, time after time, it's painfully obvious that force and strength NOT diplomacy are what jihadists respond to. So whenever people argue in favor of peaceful alternatives all I do is briefly point out the results Carter achieved in 444 days vs. what Reagan accomplished his first hour in office. The silence afterwards is deafening...

That's why I think we should have finished the job back then. Because if McCarthy is as right as he appears, then it's entirely possible that there are thousands of militant store clerks at over half the gas stations (and many critical infrastructure computer terminals in the U.S.) who are simply standing their posts. Mark my words...

So, regardless of whether you're liberal or conservative, we must all be vigilant and constantly aware. Ignorance and apathy are not options at this point.

Norm, Tulsa, OK


Reason for the blockade?

Submitted by Daniel, Jun 6, 2010 17:23

If there ever was a reason for the blockade, I guess the Israeli strategists are starting to realize how stupid this move was by them. They managed to extinguish secular palestinian movements, and are left with a Hamas that they can not beat, neither on the negotiation table, with fosfor bombs, or a naval blockade. Tough luck.



Submitted by Edmund Onward James, Jun 1, 2010 18:56

I condemn the Islamists and strongly suggest a reform of Islam. I comdemn all UN nations that condemn the actions of the Israel Defense Force. I condemn all terrorists, insurgents, martyrs and wannabe caliphs.

And as far as the flotilla, frankly, I do not trust the leaders and disruptors in Gaza, West Bank, basically most of the Middle East Muslim leaders. And the organizers of this flotilla and activists delivering the goods are questionable, as well.

Am I a bit harsh?

I linked the report to the following weblog comment



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