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America Needs to WAKE UP!!!!

Jan 25, 2010 15:29

When will Americans get it through their heads that while there is still a war to be fought in the Middle East, it is right in front of our eyes here on our home soil. The recruiting tools these terrorists use to recruit young impressionable men and women, are working! Those who are held locked up in prison are radicalized, much w/o issue, because they have nothing else to look forward to when they get out of prison, is working!. Being in the US Armed Forces, it makes me sick to know we have terrorists among our ranks!! This should be the biggest wake up call!...I could spend all day spitting out cases organizations who are linked to terrorism, but the bottom line is, that all Americans have an obligation to their country, their families, and themselves, to stay situationally aware of what's going on in their communities.


Study of anti-terror lessons

Submitted by Anonymous, Jan 15, 2010 08:42

The very fact that you have to READ and try to understand these contorted lies and twisted language, where Truth is called a lie, that islam is peaceful, that we don't understand it and need to be EXPLAINED: this is part and parcel of the horror.

We are being forced to enter their nightmare world simply by having to read about it, in order to fight it!

When I was a kid, I remember hearing, "all arabs are liars" as a standard refrain.

To even bother to discuss:"...the relationship between the two variables..." means you are already trapped in their deadly web.

The TRUTH is plain to see and needs no islamic interpretation.


What is the true intent behind each of these opinions?

Jan 12, 2010 11:43

Both the Duke/UNC and your hypothesis have validity, but what is the true intent behind each of these opinions? The relationship between the two variables is simple ways for each of your organizations to drive their agendas forward. Neither is truthfully accurate and many key facts are left out. The majority of the questions posed or address will not pass a statistical significance or measures of association test. These are the kinds of assessments that guide us into wars and are mostly written by individuals and organizations that have never even been in the field or met the people or groups they are describing.


on target

Jan 11, 2010 20:17

on target. Why can the USA not see. The problem today is Islam, the religion itself as taught and passed along.


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