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Submitted by reddes, Jan 7, 2010 19:47

.......the guys and girls who are in charge of keeping Americans safe are letting Muslims set up shop here, getting to know them in covert, intimate ways, compiling and recording and keeping track and once radical islam looses a significant attack on US soil they will rapidly be able to contain the threat. Too much to hope for?


Outstanding explanation of Current Events

Submitted by BCW, Dec 28, 2009 13:05

The US miltiary needs to assess this threat for what it is. Not addressing a possible threat due to the nature of offending one's religion is not accepable. Islam stands for total submission and bowing down to puiblic pressure because the US government doesn't want to "look" like it is profiling someone - even after that someone has made comments. It is a known fact that lanuage is used to incite action within the Islamic community. Language is the indicator for future acts - not matter what they may be. This is known tactic and those who have experienced it first hand can support this view.

Outstanding analysis on what has occurred and will come if we do not get our heads wrapped around the ideology of the enemy.

Babylon's Covert War (Author)


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