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cognitive dissonance

Submitted by Linda Goudsmit, Dec 29, 2016 17:44

There is a name for the preposterous rationalizations that useful infidels use to deny the connection between terrorism and Islam. It is called cognitive dissonance and it is a powerful strategy of mass psychology deliberately being used to confuse, manipulate, and destabilize an unsuspecting public.

Cognitive dissonance is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. The anxiety and tension created by having inconsistent thoughts is so disturbing that it mobilizes people to either change their thoughts or change their behavior in an attempt to regain equilibrium. Cognitive dissonance is being used to manipulate the public and effect seismic shifts in public opinion - they are being propagandized to believe the fiction that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

When a terrorist screams "Allah Akhbar" before slaughtering innocent people common sense tells us that the terrorist is a jihadist with religious motivations. Obama/Clinton/Kerry, the WH echo chamber, and every Muslim Brotherhood offshoot insists that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam = cognitive dissonance. When Obama renamed the Ft Hood shooting "workplace violence" and not Islamic terrorism he created cognitive dissonance - the public "knew" it was terrorism but Obama created cognitive dissonance by insisting that it wasn't.

Cognitive dissonance pushes the public into subjective reality equivalent to the Hans Christian Anderson story of the "The Emperor's New Clothes." Donald Trump appeared and told the public that the Emperor "Isn't wearing anything at all!" Donald Trump lives in objective reality and that is why Donald Trump was elected.

It is not enough for IPT to point out the preposterous inconsistencies in the rationalizations of the useful infidels - the public needs to know that cognitive dissonance is a deliberate attempt to disable their critical thinking and their accurate common sense assessment that a terrorist screaming Allah Akhbar is a jihadist with religious motivations. Political correctness under Obama has silenced the public but Donald Trump gave them their voices back.

Every champion of free speech in the world including Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Nicolai Sennels, Ayaan Hirsi etc etc etc is saying "The Emperor has no clothes!" They are all trying to eliminate the cognitive dissonance created by useful infidels with the voice of truth. They all insist upon objective reality and vehemently reject the insanity of subjective reality.

IPT can help them by exposing and explaining the powerful weapon of cognitive dissonance.


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