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About time

Submitted by FlameCCT, Dec 23, 2015 18:07

I've been pointing this out for years. Valarie Jarrett and her Shadow Cabinet have CAIR approved staff in all departments of the Obama Administration and those people have more control than the Department Secretaries. I would further note Hillary Clinton, while Sec. State, had MB affiliated Huma Weiner (Abedin) as her controller. If one looks, one will clearly see that the same holds true throughout the Obama administration.


Hooray for you!

Dec 15, 2015 00:13

It's good that someone is keeping an eye + on EVIL. Anyone with a brain knows that everyone CANNOT keep all parties to a problem happy all the time. I think that too many people are WISHFUL that life will be simple and uncomplicated, but it is not. Ignoring the problems really means LOSING the war or your lives or whatever. I think American politicians are more interested in keeping themselves in office/in power MORE THAN facing the problems/leaders that seek America's death. For instance, to take Iran and its word about nuclear bombs is UNBELIEVABLY stupid or naive at best!

I am really grateful that your organization is actively keeping an eye on all this!

Thanks! JKH


Terrorism is an islam

Dec 14, 2015 21:27

Terrorism is an islam problem carried out by terrorists, cair is a good example.


Daft Diversity

Submitted by Michael Dable, Dec 14, 2015 14:08

The US has identical problems to the UK. All of their politicians have been force fed with the diversity pill, too many of them foolishly think it adult to comply totally with what they see as progressive solutions to what is in reality a frightening ancient situation.

What is happening with regard to the Muslims is identical to what has been happening this past fourteen hundred or so years, flood a chosen country with Islamic people, force hidden coercion through seemingly friendly integration (CAIR) then take it over by whatever violent means are deemed necessary.


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