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reason for jail

Jul 30, 2016 13:27

When children act badly, one of the most common and useful punishments is isolation from anything with a "Time Out". Time Out is isolation from all contact and any form of entertainment or information. This method seems to work very well.

Perhaps it is time to do the same thing with confinement to jail. Isolation, no contact with others, no exercise equipment, no communication with others, generally just make this time a lost time for the person being incarcerated.

We could offer them a chance to obtain an education after they have completed their "time out". This education should be chosen to benefit them in a profession that would be useful for others as well as the former detainee. There are many professions that could be taught as "on the job training" which would provide a way for the student to pay for his or her training.

we could offer them a


Prison Clergy influence jihadist

Submitted by Patrick Dunleavy, Jul 29, 2016 16:29

Investigators are now discovering that one of the individuals who attacked and killed a priest in France was inspired by an Islamic clergyman when in the Fleury-Merogis prison. Adel Kermiche, 19, stated: ""In prison with my sheikh," Kermiche says. "He gave me ideas."

A tragic example of the influence of radical Islamist chaplains in the prison environment .


Nashville hijra

Jul 27, 2016 22:43

The city of Nashville has many mosques with jihadi connections. The city has no-go zones, small now but they're growing. The Islamic presence in our law enforcement and Metro government is also growing. They've joined forces with the leftists at Vanderbilt and the "interfaith bridge builders, the demsoc mayor and council, La raza, the black power people and the refugee orgs. We know them all. It's the same story everywhere.

Thanks for the report, Patrick.


The Executive Director of AMAC in TN is Paul Galloway.

Submitted by Neal, Jul 27, 2016 22:21

Paul Galloway is a close associate of Mohamed Elibiary and the founder and former Director of the CAIR Houston office. He is now the Executive Director of AMAC and AOC in TN. He is also a registered lobbyist to the TN General Assembly. Read more about him HERE.


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