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Who's the hate monger?

Submitted by DRHazard, Sep 12, 2015 16:51

CAIR propagandist Ibrahim Hooper said "There are many good things about being an American Muslim, but there is also a sense of being under siege from these hate mongers that are constantly trying to demonize our faith."

What he really knows but will never say; "The best place in the world to be a Muslim is in America (or any "Western" country). You are free to practice Islam plus it is filled with people who will believe any lie you concoct to make Islam look better than it is (but Allah is still the "best of deceivers"). I am overly sensitive, however, about the people who criticize my religion even though it's texts have been and are being used to demonize and kill non-Muslims and other Muslims deemed unworthy. When that happens Western countries are the best place to play the victim card. Americans are so afraid of appearing to be racist they don't even think about the fact that Muslim is not a race or that world over Muslims are the best of hate mongers."


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