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The World of Oz

Submitted by Old Spice, Feb 26, 2012 18:57

The Muslim Brotherhood was created by MI6 back in '28, Hamas in the 60's by Israel and Al Queida by the US during the Carter Administration. Taking these facts into account what do you think is the big picture. Does religious in-fighting and control of the masses sound familiar. And who benefits from all this? How about those that finance opposing parties. A win win for the coeffers. And does the term War Machine ring a bell. I'm working here in the Middle East and what's taking place in the region is blatant and obvious if you can see your way clear of the smoke and mirrors. Come on folks...focus. Read. Tune-in to alternative news media because what the system is pushing is absolute crap.


Again obama FAILS big

Feb 21, 2012 05:42

obama should be so proud that he caused this entire mess with his Ciro speech and now the terrorists will run the middle east. Way to go you joke of a commander in chief.


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