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Why blame only Obama?

Submitted by kalpak dabir, Jun 1, 2013 13:29

When terrorists supported by Pakistan attacked Bombay in 26/11/2008, there were at least 2 Americans involved. Even before the attack, the CIA had an inkling that these 2 Americans were up no good.

Yet neither then or now is there any indication from the US govt about handing these Americans to India to face trial.

Along with many such incidences, it is clear that the US prefers to see the Jihadi problem with rose tinted glasses.

CAIR is just taking advantage of this colored view.


Worth your study

Submitted by Dave O'Connor, May 15, 2013 19:26

Lieberman cites the issue, ""The bombings "should again teach us that the enemy we face is violent Islamist extremism, not just al Qaida," said former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman." We must understand that 'aQ' is a brand name of only one franchise - only one of more than a few. Filing to understand we lose. We must be witting to the Muslim Brotherhood internationally; it goals and history, and it performers. That means we must be scrutinous of its subsidiaries; right down to those in our neighborhoods. It may take some study, nut aren't your children and grandchildren worth it?


#my jihad

May 14, 2013 16:34

This still misses the mark. It is Orthodox Islam! The more orthodox the more Jihad!!'


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