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Excellent article and background.

Submitted by Jeff, May 25, 2012 23:48

So we have complete contradictions in tactics. If I try to see that another way, they are in a search for ethical ways to explain/excuse slaughter and mayhem. The truth, which is apparently lost on them, is that random slaughter is not justifiable. But they keep trying. duplicitous arguments about how they do not attack women and children intentionally, only to be canceled by celebration of acts where unrelated, innocent children and clergy are attacked for being just that. And we have African churches slaughtered during worship.

We are to buy a message that there are ethical standards past which they will not go. On the other hand, the message is very real that all non-Muslims are viable targets of opportunity. (it is not even thinly veiled) That includes Muslim who do not fit their paradigm. Then they try to drive home the point of the former, ethical approach, by mentioning Obama's daughters. But we can never say that they have ethics and morals regarding what they do….or their intentions. Sorry, that does not compute and never will. And no their relativism, pointing to America, does not work either.


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