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Due Process

Submitted by J. TERRY, Oct 1, 2011 00:12

In the war on terror, Due process is a missile on time and on target. If terrorist or American citizens dont want to be smoked then dont engage in terror. There is no question whether he was a terrorist. He confessed each time he made one of those idiotic videos.

This is a war not a criminal act. In war you kill the enemy period. Those in Gitmo should be tried by military tribunal like we did the Nazis, hanged and move on to the next one. Gitmo should stay open an a symbol of what happens if you screw with America. If we cant get you in Gitmo then fire will rain from the sky on you and yours. Terrorist only understand and respect the gun and the sword. Anything else is perceived as weakness. The Kings rules have no place in this war.



Submitted by NerdCrunch, Sep 30, 2011 11:19

Not a single shred of proof, all speculation! This is nothing but murder. But wait, it aint an American citizen so why bother, move on.


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