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Submitted by David, Mar 10, 2011 22:09

Representative King is doing the right thing. How did an intelligent man like him get elected in New York? All of the 9/11 terrorists were Moslem extremists (not to mention other similar incidents). Would this lead a thinking person to possibly conclude that the issue of Moslem extremism should be investigated?

Some idiot on the news was complaining that the Klu Klux Klan was not being investigated in the same congressional hearing. That would make as much sense as including the Black Panthers. Instead, why not pursue the obvious – just like King is doing.

Let's see, 5 banks have been robbed. The robber was identified each time as a 6 ft., 200 lb., white male. Does it make sense to look for a 6 ft., 200 lb. white male? Would that be unreasonable? Would looking for Moslem males make any sense?

The 9/11 Commission stated it was not a matter of "if" terrorists would set off a nuclear device in the United States – it was a matter of "when." I, for one, am thankful for Congressman King's investigation.



Submitted by Al Ramy, Mar 10, 2011 12:57

King has been put in a box, deleting a fellow like Robert Spencer, Mr. Emerson or Ms. geller. he caved in. He signals to the Left that Obama canmake it for 2012, because the opposition is weak and gutless. The list of "speakers" is lackluster and mild, very little will be accomplished during this poney show. King missed a great opportunity.


What about other radicalized groups

Mar 9, 2011 14:25

Rep. King is being hypocritical. What about other radicalized groups? What about examining the causes of radicalization from all sources. To single out a group or religion in its entirety is wrong. Would seek to investigate the radicalization of Irish groups during the IRA era? What about various non-Muslim hate groups? There are radicals in all groups. We could examine what causes any person to lose their sense of balance. Plus if Republicans are concerned about cutting costs, how much will these hearings cost?


Hard Evidence Ignored

Submitted by Leslie, Mar 8, 2011 12:38

Why is the Memorandum of Understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood for their incredibly detailed and subversive plan to destroy our way of life not taken seriously? It is hard evidence uncovered in the Holy Land trial that the Muslim Brotherhood and all its spin off groups are promoting jihad in our country. It seems to me that this is the first thing Frank Wolf should submit in his testimony to establish that there is indeed a credible and proven threat of Jihad in America. And the "Team B" report "Sharia the Threat" should also be submitted.


A Reverse "Show Trial"

Submitted by Sparrowhawk, Mar 8, 2011 09:59

I place no positive importance on King's hearings. King wimped out and "delisted" the most important "witnesses" against Muslim activism and "radicalization": Emerson himself, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Wafa Sultan, Hirsi Ali, Amil Imani, et al. The list of witnesses is weighted towards the acquittal and exoneration of Islam as a political/theological ideology. The hearings are actually a propaganda coup for CAIR, the ISNA, MSA and other Islamic organizations; the Times Square "I am a Muslim, too" rally to the contrary notwithstanding. And calling the likes of Keith Ellison as a "witness" is tantamount to calling Yasir Arafat as a witness on the "radicalization" of Gaza. Can you hear him now? "It's only those 'extremists' in the PLO who are committing these horrible acts, not me. To say otherwise is evidence of Islamaphobia and bigotry."


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