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Submitted by Sibylla, Jul 20, 2009 09:41

Q: There have been calls for the Secretary of State to close the ISA under the authority of the Foreign Missions Act (FMA). Is this option being explored and what is being done in this regard?

· Congress enacted the Foreign Missions Act (FMA) to provide the Department with authority to regulate the operations of foreign missions in the United States, taking into account the reciprocal treatment of U.S. diplomatic and consular missions abroad and the United States national interest.

· The Department has authority under the FMA to require the closure of an entity that is a foreign mission if doing so is determined to be necessary to protect the interests of the United States.

· The Department has not determined that action against the ISA under the FMA is appropriate.

· The Department has only once forced closure of an entity (the Palestine Information Office) that it determined was a foreign mission, and that entity was not controlled by a foreign government with which the United States had diplomatic relations.

DOS Press briefing May 2, 2008


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