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Poor Reporting

Submitted by Jerry, Jan 13, 2011 16:46

The near universal lack of quality displayed by the current crop of "journalists" employed by major media outlets and their affiliates begs the question; do they have any credibility in reporting these days? Ask anyone with intimate knowledge of something reported on by regular media outlets and they'll tell you, the stories are rife with errors, omissions and outright falsehoods. Bias is built into a large percentage of stories. Apparently, straight news doesn't sell. Unless it's massaged to pander to extremes on the left or the right (depending on the outlet), it doesn't lead. It's not reporting at that point, it's propoganda.

Meanwhile, Edward R. Murrow is rolling in his grave.


Who is CAIR?

Submitted by Blaine Harding, Dec 4, 2010 11:23

CA:IR is the activist arm of Muslim Brotherhood. The brought suit in the Oklahoma Courts to have the legislation by 70% of the voters tabled. The legislation removed International and Sharia Law from consideration by judges in making rulings.

CAIR is suing World Net Daily for publishing the book "Muslim Mafia". The Defense Attorneys have established that CAIR is not an organization with cdredentials and standing in American Courts. They were involved in the biggest lawsuit for moneylaundering in history. They were unidicted by the FBI, because they have so far covered their tracks. CAIR says they were not indicted because they are innocent and should not be "harrassed by IPT. That is why CA:IR pulls out the stops of investigation for the truth like IPT and World Net Daily.

Speaking the Truth in Love,

Blaine arding Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. Maryland

301 884 8171 boh1924@hotmail.com


IPT: Playing the Role of the Dhimmi?

Oct 26, 2010 14:33

The following IPT quote was taken directly from your article "Note to Readers on Tennessean Story" dated October 25, 2010 and clearly articulates your position pertaining to the ideology of Islam:

"There is a difference between Islam and Islamism – between people's practice of a faith and attempts to mix that faith with a radical political agenda. The IPT exists to combat Islamism and the often violent extremism carried out in its name."

Unfortunately, it is just not true. The ideology of Islam has not been hijacked, twisted, or distorted by political radicals in its name. The totalitarian ideology of Islam is, by its own doctrine and core beliefs, radical, extreme, political, bigoted, racist, hateful, and seeks to dominate and subjugate all non-Muslims (kafirs) under Islamic Sharia law in its quest for world domination.

How is it that IPT has bought into this misguided mainstream Islamic propaganda? Does IPT believe that Islam is a religion of peace too? Does IPT believes that jihad only means an internal spiritual struggle?

IPT's stated position clearly shows that it is playing the role of the dhimmi, and has voluntarily subjugated itself under Islam. To what end...?

Read more at: http://www.investigativeproject.org/2278/note-to-readers-on-tennessean-story#comment_submit


Steve Emerson/Modern Paul Revere

Submitted by Domenick, Oct 25, 2010 20:34

It's apparent that Steve Emerson's exceptional work has and will continue to be CAIR's chronic pain in their side.

CAIR's seemingly helpful, All American type existance is in reality the political left's hand holder and the facilitators of subversive activities by the Muslim Brotherhood, ISNA and others. These activities are relentlessly exposed by Steve Emerson and his stellar staff of Investigative Journalists,

My respect and gratitude to IPT

Domenick F. De Rose Sr.


Journalistic Graffiti

Submitted by Edward Cline, Oct 25, 2010 18:33

The headline of this article telegraphs the article's bias and intent: "Anti-Muslim crusaders make millions spreading fear." Not only is the style crudely reminiscent of Nazi or Communist "journalism" ("Jewish financiers profit from Germany's woes" or "Capitalists make war on the proletariat"), but it's factually incorrect. As Emerson explains above, SAE "makes" the money by providing ancillary services to IPT, which is a non-profit entity.

But, apparently the clearing and vetting of IPT and SAE by the authorities isn't good enough for Bob Smetana and his employer.

Then, IPT is not necessarily "anti-Muslim." True, Emerson and his staff are "crusaders," in a sense, but crusaders for the truth about Islam. Are they "spreading fear"? In one sense, yes, by warning Americans that the country has been infiltrated by activists bent on bringing Sharia law to its politics and jurisprudence by stealth and lawfare.

The article itself is one long exercise in journalistic graffiti. Some hack at CAIR could have ghost-written it. I'm surprised that Smetana hasn't been hired away by The New York Times or Washington Post. He's so good at reporting "news" that fits the Islamic agenda.


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