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CAIR's Antisemitism Ignored or Embraced by Elected Officials IPT News December 9, 2021
CAIR's Antisemitism Fails to Draw Media Scrutiny IPT News December 8, 2021
IPT Exclusive: CAIR's Awad Considers Tel Aviv "Occupied," Prays for its Liberation IPT News December 1, 2021
Awad and Abuirshaid Bring the Blind Hate to Israeli Prime Minister's Visit IPT News September 3, 2021
A Weekend with American Muslims for Palestine: Awad Says CAIR Fights Zionism "On a Daily Basis" IPT News December 2, 2019
IPT Exclusive: CAIR's Awad Describes His "Formula" for Islamist Political Power IPT News November 12, 2019
Linda Sarsour's All-Star Team of Radical Theologians IPT News July 11, 2017
The Inside Story of How John Kerry Secretly Lobbied to Get CAIR Removed From UAE's Terrorist Organization List IPT News January 19, 2017
CAIR Spokesman Turns Blind Eye to "War on Islam" Rhetoric (4 comments) IPT News July 11, 2011
Grand Jury Seeks CAIR Records (6 comments) IPT News December 1, 2009
Virginia Congressman Wants Details on FBI Freeze of CAIR IPT News February 2, 2009
CAIR's True Colors (3 comments) IPT News January 30, 2009
CAIR's Silence on Hamas (1 comment) IPT News January 7, 2009
CAIR Exec's Telling Interview (1 comment) IPT News September 17, 2008
CAIR Exposed Part 1: CAIR's Origins IPT News March 24, 2008
From HLF to Hamas: A Modern Parallel IPT News November 5, 2007
Silver Linings: Trial Exposed Secrets IPT News October 26, 2007

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Title Publication Date
CAIR Chief to Meet with Turkish and Iranian Presidents For The Record - The IPT Blog September 24, 2018
Actions Would Speak Louder than Words in CAIR's Anti-Terrorism Campaign For The Record - The IPT Blog August 12, 2010
CAIR/FBI Saga Plods On For The Record - The IPT Blog April 28, 2009