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Follow the money

Submitted by Leslie in Washington, Dec 5, 2008 22:58

Its about time we choke off the funds to terrorists by making contributors to these bogus foundations liable. Now,if only CAIR, among the more than 300 unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation named by the government in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution, would be next to be dismantled.
Kudos to Mr. Price for his comment about the so-called political wings of terrorist organizations. If an organization has a terrorist wing, they are a terrorist organization, and it should be dismantled by economic, legal, military and social forces.


Getting Duped by Terrorists

Submitted by James M. Price, Dec 5, 2008 13:16

The latest bon ton of terrorist organizations is the creation of "political wings" to present a prettier public relations face to the non-Arab world and for easier fund-raising. The news and commentary media give these wings credibility at face value, but one would expect that Judge Ilana Diamond Rovner would have had more sophistication and relaized that the ultimate goals of the political wing of Hamas are identical with those of the military wing. There is a hand inside the public relations puppet. Too bad Rovner was too naïve to see that.


The Correct Decision

Submitted by Dianne in Huntsville, Dec 5, 2008 09:10

After all these years of dashed hopes for the defendants, the court has finally understood and has made the correct decision in this case!! The decision statement that, "If you give money to an organization that you know to be engaged in terrorism, the fact that you earmark it for the organization's nonterrorist activities does not get you off the liability hook," Judge Richard Posner wrote for the majority", has been long overdue... Congratulations to Joyce and Stanley Boim for their courage to continue this case in spite of the emotional and physical toll it took on them and in spite of many who said they would never win. This verdict as well as the HLF verdict are victories and lights at the end of the tunnel for all who are involved in these types of cases of terror. Even though this decision will be appealed, we must have hope that the courts will ultimately stand by the victims of terrorism!


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