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The exposure of CAIR

Submitted by Harry De Vries, Dec 4, 2009 17:03

Eventhough I reside in Canada, the information contained in the book is astounding! , and the research done by Chris and his father is worth a medal. Hopefully governments in your country and mine will pull-off the veil and expose the real threat that looms over North America. May Liberty and Truth prevail. HDV.


Amm Sam's Remarks about the WND book at FREEradicals

Submitted by Alex, Oct 17, 2009 09:33

Does WND's (lack of) credibility hurt the cause?




Submitted by ARIZONA DON, Oct 16, 2009 16:26

Truth is stranger than fiction...the incredible job done by Chris Gaubatz while serving as a volunteer intern at CAIR's National Headquarters is something that would make Jack Bauer on '24' blush with envy!!


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