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Muslim Intellectuals would NEVER defend the Exremists in Islam. Islam is Pure & Simple.

Submitted by Mu, Jan 28, 2010 06:57

The Muslims, who really love and His Rasul Muhammad (pbuh), would NEVER EVER resort to Violence.

Fitna or Disorder in the Society is against the Commands of Allah in Holy Quran. Muslims must obey Allah & Rasul and can NEVER commit any Crimes including Killing of any people.

It is Shame for Afghan & Iraqi Muslims to kill their Muslim Brothers & Sisters in Islam.

The Muslims, who kill innocent people including Americans, Muslims or others, are the Real Enemies of Islam & True Muslims.

If any Muslims, who perform Five Times Salat/ Prayer Daily, can NEVER commit any kind of Crimes or Suicide Bombing etc. Such Muslims don't read, understand, follow and practice Holy Quran & Sunnah of our Prophet. These Ignorant / jahiliya Muslims are the real Enemies of Islam & Muslims, who have brought Bad name for Allah, Holy Quran, Islam, Muslims & our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Maa Assalama


Not terrorism? Then how about Treason?

Submitted by Craig in Maine, Nov 28, 2009 12:59

Given the comments:

"Bilal Abdul-Kareem defends Hasan's killing spree as an act against an enemy in a state of war, rather than a criminal or terrorist act."

Looking at Hasan as a fighter in a state of war against America, but being a member of said

American military unit, how about calling it what it is?? ------= TREASON !!!

Read more at: http://www.investigativeproject.org/blog/#1538


who's extreme?

Submitted by Monte44, Nov 19, 2009 14:42

I followed the link to AIM, saw a condmenation of Zuhdi ("Zubi"!!!) and a video that defended Hasan in Fort Hood and even attacked CAIR for its statement of sympathy toward the victims.

AIFD calls AIM and CAIR extreme. AIM calls AIFD and Zuhdi Jasser extreme. Let's say that my own sympathies are in question. Why should I believe one side over the other(s)? Zuhdi says he is a devout Muslim. The AIM guy says that he and his like-minded (jihadist) group are devout Muslims and that Zuhdi is apostate. Where is the truth? What should I look for in order to decide? My question is not where to place my sentiment on Jihad; it is how to decide who is a proper, devout Muslim, one who understands Islam, and who misunderstands, who is apostate? Does it come to close examination of the Koran and other ancient and traditional sources? So be it, then. We must have this presentation/dialogue/debate. Otherwise, what is this all about?


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