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linking islamic intermarage with the mental deficencies of terrorist

Submitted by Dominick Cizek, Jun 26, 2016 22:55

Good information from your group, I would like to suggest that you research the possibility that all these terrorist have a father who has intermarried with their first cousin or other close family member and to try to link the mental deficiencies of these terrorist that could be the cause of their mental state that causes these people to want to be cajoled into being a suicide bomber or to take out their aggressive behavior toward women or use a gun to kill all the people that they have in the past and will kill in the future. I would like to see a serious discussion on this topic, So far I have not seen anything in the media about this condition.

England has so far spent about 600 million on taking care of these babies and children that have these serious mental and physical problems, according to what I have read on the subject, 30% of the Pakistani children born in England have these defects. This will be a future problem in America and will strain the healthcare system which is already push to it's limits on cost and services for our present citizens

Thank you


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Submitted by Archaeologist, Jun 23, 2016 19:10

San Bernadino shooters family also had ties to Islamists. Seems to me most violent Islamists come from Islamist sympathizers, at the very least. Also when I see CAIR jumping in to support families of Islamist killers, I usually suspect the whole family.


Hope for Infidelophobes

Submitted by Jack Rainbow, Jun 20, 2016 14:44

Gee what a surprise. Never mind, your President and his protege are working hard to dismantle the 2nd Amendment so there is some hope that gun restrictions will prevent , um, ordinary American Infidelophobes from buying suitable guns in the US for mass murder of Islamophobes. Still, they will easily be able to import decent automatic weapons through the wide open US/Mexican border.


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