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Submitted by clem alford, May 20, 2016 02:35

The situation in Bangladesh is chaotic as is it in most of the Muslim world.

These radical fanatical Islamists are causing mayhem where ever they go with their evangelical dreams of a global Islamic caliphate. Of course it has become entangled with heavy Machihavellian political maneuverings. The neo cons in Washington are partly to blame for all of this turmoil with their plans for the New American Century and the Wolfowitz plan for the Middle East and with the conniving assistance of the Saudis and Turkey funding and assisting the conflicts. Certainly the Saudi Wahhabi's money is being used in Bangladesh to fund these radicals.

Truly distressing what is going on there where even their own Bengali culture is being attacked by the fundamentalists. See The Pioneer 20th January 2016


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