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Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization

Submitted by William Bock, Feb 24, 2016 23:20

House Judiciary Committee bill labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization is a step in the right direction. it will most likely be vetoed by Barack Hussein Obama if it makes it that far.


Cair and MB

Submitted by GUEST, Feb 24, 2016 19:21

So does this mean that MB's PR arm "Cair" will also be considered a terror group?



Submitted by Steven Dietrich, Feb 24, 2016 18:55

Excellent. Needed to be done a long time ago. Kerry will likely hold it up. Sharing.


Muslim Brotherhood foreign terrorist organization

Submitted by jgbjr2, Feb 24, 2016 18:45

We thank ALL members of Congress that finally have enough COMMON SENSE to bring this vote to the floor.


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