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Muslims support Islamist militants/terrorists

Submitted by Rosie, Dec 9, 2015 22:42

Muslims all over the world see how many Muslims are killed/persecuted/deprived of their rights/discriminated of their rights and then raise their cries loudly. They are all one when one Muslim is attacked anywhere in the world but never they try to see what the Muslim terrorists and Islamists are doing against other religious communities. Few weeks ago a Muslim child was killed by Israely shoulders which created chaos all over the world. But they did not reason why the child was killed. A Muslim child died while travelling to Europe from Syria for shelter and that was an issue of campaign all over the world. Now all the Muslims are against attack on the ISIS by America, Europe and Russia. Muslims all over the world are raising voice and concerns against the attack claiming that many Muslims will be the victims of these attacks. But no Muslims see that these ISIS and Boko Haram have oppressed thousands of women and children, killed thousands of non-Muslims. They are really one-eyed blind people. They should be controlled by the concerned authorities in their respective countries such as Israel should take stern step to keep Muslims in control.



Submitted by Michael, Dec 3, 2015 14:19

Your headline, "Palestinian Intelligence" Officer......

Isn't that an oxymoron?


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