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Je Suis Juif

Submitted by Al Sundel, Jan 13, 2015 12:47

This is tremendous.

Sunday, Jan 11, 2015, was a Lincolnesque moment for world democracy. France once again stood tall. In Paris (and in other French cities) the people rose up to choke their main plazas, in drizzle, and, in almost one celebratory voice, spoke more forcefully than their weak leaders. A young French-born Muslim woman carrying a sign "Je Suis Juif" was eloquent in her CNN interview of the event. She became the spontaneous moderate Muslim spokesmen the West has been looking for in vain in Muslim countries. The high-ranking representatives from around the globe seemed gray and indistinguishable in their arm-in-arm façade of unity compared to the signs, the cries, the clapping of the glorious unity of the million-and-more crowd. Their frontline B-team ranking was cemented by the only real A-team leader, Angela Merkel, with her genuine quiet strength. That Obama missed the train on this Democracy Day vs World Thuggery (still represented by Abbas, who complicated the whole picture) made it seem Charliesque. A serious disconnect for America. Meanwhile, the Investigative Project on Terrorism is making headway after 10 years against the PA in a $1 billion law suit for terroristic acts (crimes against humanity).


Why no criminal charges?

Submitted by BUTSeriously, Jan 13, 2015 04:39

Gitmo is still open.


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