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The Reality of Islam

Submitted by Ken, Jul 24, 2015 21:44

Very well stated Jack. It's time to stop calling it Islamic Extremism, and call it Fundamental Islam. Muslims will not honestly denounce the violent or political Jihad, because it would be speaking against what the prophet taught and the example he set . If they do denounce it, it is nebulous, and may be only deceit, until they gain the upper hand, when they will force Sharia Law on the infidels, to the glory of Allah. They cannot be trusted, period. It is one of the basics of Islam; Infiltrate, Deceive or terrorize until you are in position of authority, then demand conversion or death, then institute tax, and Shariah.


Let facts be submitted to a candid world

Submitted by Jack Diamond, Jul 20, 2015 19:12

There is no distinguishing between Islamic "extremism" and "Islam the religion." That is the problem. The bigger problem is the cognitive dissonance or willful blindness or outright deceit involved in maintaining the fiction that there is such a distinction or that they are different "ideologies." Sorry, Mr. Cameron, but the so-called Jewish conspiracy idea stems from the Qur'an and Sunnah as does the idea the kuffar are "inferior." Not merely inferior, Prime Minister, but in the case of Jews & Christians the "worst of creatures" and the proper attitude of a devout Muslim is that of hate and enmity toward the kuffar. This is a Qur'anic doctrine called Al Wala al-Baraa (Loyalty and Enmity) affirmed by all Islamic scholars, binding on all Muslims. Loyalty to fellow Muslims, only. Islam is a profoundly hostile creed, at its core, and it is the "moderate' Muslims who are the "extremists" (if they are truly peaceful and tolerant, and not practicing Islamically-sanctioned deceit). The problem, Prime Minister, is that your good Muslims are "bad Muslims." Your bad Muslims have all the best arguments, according to Islam the religion.

The Islamic State is about reinstating the Caliphate, establishing full Sharia law (including imposing the jizya, reinstituting slavery, and proscribed punishments for causing fitna/discord). What can a devout Muslim find objectionable or un-Islamic about any of that? Shall we pretend Muhammad and the Rightly Guided Caliphs acted differently? That's the reason devout young British Muslims might be tempted to travel to Syria and Iraq.

Does David Cameron know what Jihad is, what the obligation to wage Jihad means, and why that obligation is till the Day of Judgment? Does he know what Allah's laws are and how they are incompatible with free or democratic societies? Does he know anything about the Islamic doctrine of Hijra, migration to kaffir lands and their colonization or that all Muslim migration is based on Muhammad's colonization of Medina/Yathrib? Does he see any evidence of it in Britain? Does he see a clue in the behavior of Muslim rape/grooming gangs and how kaffir girls are treated and "Islam the religion" (and connect that to the behavior of Islamic State conquerors raping and enslaving kaffir girls...and connect THAT to the religious justifications in the Qur'an and hadiths and manuals of Islamic jurisprudence. Hint: look up "right hand possessions"; read what Muhammad allowed be done with captive women).

There is a reason Britain is heading for civil war-like conditions (not to mention much of Europe-Eurabia along with it) and it has everything to do with Islam. They are much the same reasons young British Muslims might be tempted to wage Jihad (in Syria or London). Oh, and Prime Minister, Jihad isn't only the sword and only about violence, there is jihad of the tongue and jihad with your wealth, and of stealth, and of anything and everything, by hook or by crook, that advances Islam and removes the obstacles to its advancement and dominion. If you think Islam the religion teaches something different you should not be in a position of responsibility. You better start demanding a hell of a lot more of British Muslims, and that includes arrests and deportations, monitoring of mosques, ending Muslim immigration (for the safety, life and limb, let alone the freedoms of your people) and telling not asking, British Muslims how they must behave. It also means telling these truths about Islam and letting the truth be told, not letting Islamic blasphemy laws be imposed on a free people because truth offends Muslims.

Your vast majority of nice Muslims who hate extremists is a fiction. Just as your idea that extremism that is an ideology of its own, a strange deformity of Islam the religion, is a fiction. A fiction reality is rapidly demolishing. A fiction that should have ceased being put forward after 9/11 and 7/7 but here we are...in 2015 still being told fantastic bedtime stories.


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