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Submitted by STRO-EAGLE, Sep 15, 2014 14:31

All Right.....and "All Wrong"

Just like the "Jewish Extremists" (Who killed Christians!) & even the "Christian Extremists" - (Who killed many Jews!) // The Nazi's, who were "definitely German".....Just NOT "Real German's".......or "Real Jews & Christians"......Humane, Free....and Empowering to others in their 'reach & communities'...!!"

IS/ISIS/ISIL.......Taliban.....Boko Horam, etc....are definitely ISLAMIC....they just are "Butchers, Killers, Ego-Manics" who 'Twist & Corrupt' the Koranic Word....and Allah's TRUE Intentions - to "their best Convenience."

They MUST be handles the SAME, "Rabid Dogs, or Carnivorous Lions" who eat on Humans....they must be killed.



Where or where is a neewsperson who will directly confront the President or another politicians about this issue

Sep 11, 2014 16:16

Where or where is the newsperson who will confront the President or another prominent politicians about this issue?

Does anyone know anyone who -who has a large audience- will talk about this issue?



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