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May 4, 2015 12:36

I do not understand how holy warriors could be so vain as to believe that an almighty deity could possibly need the involvement of a bunch of piss ants to exact its will. arrogance unlimited I guess


look at history

Submitted by CARL SHOWALTER, Apr 1, 2015 10:38



GOD Bless

Submitted by r.c.p.y., Apr 1, 2015 06:37

The matter of terrorism is such an emotionally driven cake with a variety of toppings. I would not want President Obama's job right now however, GOD bless anyone whom feels anointed by GOD to volunteer for the leadership role in sorting all of this terrorist crap in order to achieve a once & for all solution. Nothing of value come's easy & I admire Obama for his efforts in resolving the gravely complicated matter of "terrorism" in all its disguises it adopts to avoid direct confrontation & accountability. Obama has successfully let those terrorists know that they have been banished into hiding forever because when the source & root of such foulness is clearly identified... there will be justice for the deceased & suffering. In essence Obama has clearly identified one strong characteristic of terrorist's which is EPIC COWARDICE.


Dr. O blah blah

Submitted by Michael Fox, Feb 24, 2015 20:01

Explanations of President Obama's domestic and foreign policy range from his being a cunning anti-American Muslim plant at one end of the spectrum to his simply being an incompetent naive knucklehead dolt.... and everything in-between.

It is challenging to define his peculiar approach to his office of US Presidency. The laundry list of policy missteps is a long, circuitous,and torturous one that has left both friend and foe alike scratching their heads at the appearance of America's inconsistencies, indecisiveness and incompetence. No doubt the President is a gifted speaker and wordsmith....that is until you get beyond petty party loyalties and recognize the folksy flimflam style of President Obama doing the shuck and jive while peddling his concoction of Dr. O blah-blah's home made brew of cure all snake oil..


Revising the simile

Submitted by araf, Feb 24, 2015 14:45

I think Reilly's simile is erroneous. The current policy is like saying during World War II that we are fighting an expansionist, aggressive regime based on an ideology of oppression, racism, denial of human rights, and glorification of violence -- without mentioning Nazism (or Communism, its equivalent for the Cold War era). After all, the USG does mention individual leaders of jihadist terrorist groups, just not the ideology their acts are based upon.


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