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who are then the world leaders?

Submitted by yabras emmanuel luke, Feb 18, 2015 17:38

If such are happening araund the world and the world leaders can't react to this kind of situation then i ask what is meaning of the leadership i think the world should just be a free world and free society cus the leaded are fed up. imagine small countries like syria,sudan and iraq are feeling so firm to support terrorism which nigeria my country is also suffering thesame faith of their mission while big countries like america,france,germany,england E.T.C are their but could not do anything then i'm afraid to that i am asham to discribe who a true leader is around the world. #may god help us all Amen with one love one voice the world leaders and i wish to say bye to world of tragedical ironies thank you my teacher



Submitted by CharlieG., Jan 3, 2014 14:34

This makes me think that, by extension, the U.S. is then an direct/indirect contributor to Hamas.

Let's then start a movement to delete Turkey's membership in NATO. That isn't going to happen, alas, so we Ameddican [sic] taxpayers should cease providing NATO with cash and materiel. We should also stop paying our "dues" to the United Nations, or Nations United against America.

It's the World Turned Upside Down.

We Americans are being played for suckers, and our august State Department, full of their nouveau arriviste poseurs, are clueless...as is this crass, empty Obama "administration" as a whole.

We're in one helluva mess.


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