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Submitted by Samuel, Sep 29, 2011 15:00

Turkey Jelosy of Israel Natural Gas finds in the Meditrinian Sea will be exposed in near

future, by Turkey threats. The Mutual agreeents of Israel, Cypress, & Greece will result

in Turkey's attempt to desrupt or interfere in Israel effort to start Natural Gas production

from the recent finds. Any terror attacks or subotage by Turkey would put Trkey's

oil pipe and Oil delivery in great risk.


Turkey has become a state sponsor of terrorism.

Submitted by Mike 71, Sep 29, 2011 04:56

Turkish threats to escort vessels running the Israeli Gaza blockade constitute a war threat little different from the threats issued by Abdel Gamel Nasser in 1967, which would now, as then, justify a preemptive strike! If, as Turkey asserts, the Palmer Commission Report is wrong on naval blockades, nothing would then prevent Israel or any other nation from sending seaborne military support to the Kurdish BDP and PKK. The pro-Hamas Turkish "IHH" terrorist organization armed itself with metal staves and knives in anticipation of violence, yet Erdogan did nothing to screen passengers or weapons from the Mavi Marmara. Before demanding an apology from Israel for the deaths of nine terrorists, wouldn't it be appropriate for Turkey to apologize for allowing them and their weapons on board the vessel? It would seem that Turkey also owes apologies for the 1915 Armenian Genocide, the massacre of Kurdish separatists seeking self-determination, and the invasion and occupation of northern Cyprus, before demanding an apology from Israel, which acted according to international maritime law! Turkish hypocrisy does not pass the "stench test" and Erdogan must cleanse himself of it before he fouls the entire atmosphere of the Middle-East!


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