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The double standards of the Left

Submitted by Ty Mcwilliams, Aug 6, 2014 19:21

"The Atlantic's Megan Garber penned a column titled "The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So?""

Any chance in hell the Atlantic would have published a column entitled "The Boston Bombers were Tea Partiers: So?"

No chance.


Muslim Presence in Media Influences Coverage

Submitted by James Allen Whitehead, May 28, 2013 11:59

Anyone that has read The American Muslim Alliance Toolkit published especially for the 2008 Presidential Election can quickly understand how Islam has a firm foundation in American Politics. The Toolkit Title, 'Beyond The ABC of American Politics' reveals exactly how Barack Obama and others have risen to high places of power in all aspects of American Life; Mainstream Media, The U.S. Congress and all Departments of Government including Education, Law Enforcement, The Military and elsewhere.

The Toolkit's basic formula along with The Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum published in 1991 clearly exposes an Islamic Agenda whereby historic American Values, Ideals, and even The U.S. Constitution are being replaced by Political Correctness. Right under the noses of the American people the impact of Islam has quietly compromised freedom itself.

The aforementioned publications were prepared by Muslims intended for Muslims. Thus, by simply reading these documents, any American can know the stupidity of trying to separate the good muslims from the bad muslims is a waste of time. No Muslim will ever even begin to think of conforming or assimilating to any national set of rules in any social setting that conflicts with Mohammad's Qur'an.

To believe otherwise is for morans, idiots, and outright fools.


"White Supremacist narrative"???

Submitted by Abdul Ameer, May 24, 2013 21:19

Jasser's comments about "white supremacist narrative" don't make any sense. Why doesn't Jasser help us to understand where the jihadist ideology comes from? Why doesn't he deal with those verses from the Koran which the Moslem terrorists always cite, one of which is cited in this article? Since Jasser claims to be a devout Muslim, he needs to deal with these verses of the Koran instead of pretending they don't exist.


Liberal/Left and Islam are ideological allies

Submitted by Edward Cline, May 24, 2013 20:52

The reason why the liberal/left will not acknowledge that Islam is at the root of these terrorist attacks is that there is an unspoken, almost Freudian symbiosis felt by the liberal/left with Islam, that is, a grudging empathy for another totalitarian system. The Progressive Movement, spawned in the late 19th century, made great strides in the 20th with the steady passage of laws that increasingly robbed men of their freedom from arbitrary, fiat law and regulation, until today when there is hardly a human action or product that is not regulated or constrained. This covers a range of law from the Income Tax Amendment to mandated nutritional information on food packaging and countless measures in between.

The Progressives – aka socialists – see Islam, with its head-to-foot regulation of Muslim behavior and existence, as a friend and ally that will help to vanquish capitalism and Western civilization. That is their mutual end. "Moderate" Muslims such as Zuhdi Jasser believe Western precepts of law and freedom can be reconciled with Islam. This is delusional. They cannot. If Islam is doctrinally a totalitarian ideology, it cannot and will not be reconciled with individual rights. Capitalism and freedom do not sanction or advocate the forcible conquest of socialists and collectivists, unless the latter initiate force against the former. Islam and Progressivism do sanction and advocate the initiation of force.


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