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other way to stop them

Submitted by Aaron, Apr 20, 2011 17:13

One thing I could never figure out during the 1st raid, why didn't they employ more prudent ways of stopping the ships?

Step one: Order them to stop by radio and flag

Step two: Pull up alongside and hail with loudspeakers

step three: Foul their props using fouling cable or shooting towards the prop wash.

Step four: now they are disabled and tow them into Ashdod for humanitarian reasons!!

Win Win


Stopping Blockade Runners by Military Force

Submitted by Mike 71, Apr 16, 2011 09:07

Perhaps the time has come for Israel to treat all attempts at blockade running as acts of war and to torpedo these vessels before they enter restricted waters! Naval blockades are an established mode of denying weapons and supplies to combatants in wartime. The Union blockaded the Confederacy during the American Civil War; the Allies blockaded German ports during both World Wars and now Israel has sufficient reason to do the same, given the recent interception of the Victoria, containing several tons of Iranian made munitions and six Chinese made anti-ship missiles, including instruction manuals in Farsi. The purpose of these blockade runners is not to provide humanitarian aid, which is already provided through Israeli ports, but to allow the importation of weapons, such as those seized aboard the Victoria. If these vessels, particularly those manned by the violent Turkish IHH refuse warnings to turn back, they should be attacked, sunk and the survivors treated as hostiles and imprisoned as combatants!


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