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Dr. Ben Carson's reply to Biased and Ignorant Media

Submitted by James, Sep 23, 2015 08:10

Now that Dr. Ben Carson has been bold enough to speak the truth to a totally ignorant population of Americans there's no doubt the controversial questioner at the recent Trump gathering was a 'plant.'

The good Doctor, and Trump also, have been trashed by Liberal Media for being so prejudiced against that wonderful 'peaceful religion' Islam. Trump's response to the accusation from the man in the crowd was lame yet his reply was enough to send the liberal media into 'gotcha heaven!' Trump offered no rebuttal to the unidentified man that flatly stated, 'Obama is a Muslim.' I suspect Trump was waiting for a question about his hair, or perhaps Jeb Bush's wife's Pedigree?

It is Dr. Ben Carson that has stepped up to the plate answering directly that he would not be supportive of a Muslim President. As always, liberal media, and now even some conservative media have determined Carson is unfit to be President and are bent on driving him out of the race for President. That is a most telling clue revealing just how truly stupid the people are that we depend on for the latest news. Dr. Carson is undoubtedly far more qualified to tell the truth about The Muslim Movement than all the over paid zealots we call Anchors and Reporters combined.

Think about it, what person(s) running for office or delivering the six o'clock news has more International Travel and Cultural Education that Dr. Ben Carson? There aren't any, even former Secretaries of State. Carson scares the media, he talks about God and his Mom deserving all the credit for his success. He talks about, and backs with facts, how Liberal Policies have destroyed opportunity for Blacks going back to The Johnson Administration. He is obviously a serious threat to those Liberal Elitists that are afraid they might lose power over their enslaved voting block. They fear blacks might begin to understand the common sense offered to them by an honest black candidate, a black candidate that talks about real hope and real change.

On Monday, we were given a remarkable clue that is likely behind the planted question. CAIR, The Council of American Islamic Relations has demanded Dr. Carson withdraw from the race for President. This the greatest endorsement Dr. Carson could ever get. This group is but one of hundreds of Muslim activist groups under the Big Umbrella of The Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR was dubbed a Terror Group by The F.B.I. years ago when they were exposed in a lengthy trial in Dallas Texas.

I'm often chastised for long letters, but serious issues most often are not covered in sound bites or a couple of paragraphs. Just ask Dr. Ben Carson. The majority of Americans generally are totally unaware that Freedom itself is on a fast track to extinction.



Submitted by Carlito, Sep 21, 2015 16:35

The very fact that CAIR (the Muslim Brotherhood in America) is emboldened enough to interfere with a US election should concern Republicans and Democrats alike. These enemies of the West should not even be operating within the USA. Lets be real - 8 years of a liberal administration has eroded our national security to a dangerous degree.


PC, NYPD and The Third Jihad

Submitted by Tony, Mar 16, 2011 00:27

This article is a prime example of why the King Hearings are necessary and long over due !


Defeat by political correctness

Submitted by John W., Feb 17, 2011 11:32

When will America and her elected officials pull their heads out of the sand? CAIR is bullying our officials who are all afraid of not being re-elected. They are selling our country down the river and will scream when we are attacked again that no one did anything to stop it. CAIR should be listed as a supported of terrorism and outlawed in America. WAKE UP!!! before it's too late.


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