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Government Rebuts Convicted Hamas Charity Appeal!.

Submitted by A R Thompson, Feb 3, 2011 06:43

Any one that aids and abets, a Charity that has direct links with any Terrorist organisation,should be punished and property confiscated, and deported back to Islamic world. So simple to reduce the legal argument, to he bare facts of the case.


No Islamic Law in America

Feb 2, 2011 17:46

As we watch and listen and say it could never happen here in the USA. Think again and consider the facts that have been reported.

1 Sharia Honor killings on American soil and a U.S. Judge that ruled a muslim man had the right to take his wife by force.

2. Somalian (muslim) cab drivers refusing to allow service animals in their cabs in M...innesotta.

3. Target Cashiers (muslims) refusing to ring up people buying pork products and Target finding other positions in the store for them.

4 How many foreign doctors are practicing in the USA and how long before they feel they can refuse medical treatment to an Infidel (Christian or Jew) an Islamic non believer.

Muslims in powerful positions put there over the years quietly until they are the majority. We must put a stop to it NOW.


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