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I Have Questions

Submitted by Kathy, Feb 2, 2011 19:29

Why would anyone think that Egypt, the country that produced the 9-11 terrorists, not go radical once Mubarek is out of office? Wouldn't you expect that the Islamic extremists would fill the vacuum once Mubarek is out? And if that is a real possibility, why is President Obama pushing for his ouster? And why are all the media also in favor of his ouster? There is no difference in the commentary between Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and the networks. How did this revolt happen so quickly? How did the violent uprising that started today get organized overnight ? Who is really behind this revolution in Egypt?


the brotherhood to lead?

Submitted by debrobeaudean, Feb 2, 2011 07:11

The Muslim Brotherhood have never done anything constructive. They have only been destructive.

Egypt needs grain... where are they going to get it??

Why are the nations that have GRAIN not as appreciated as those who have oil?

Why are we not drilling our own resources? on and off our own shores??

The world with the muslim brotherhood in charge in the middle east will decend quickly into a new dark ages... Obama has set us up with debt to the Chinese,, with food shortages began with the draught in California... Obama is part and parcel of this global islamic caliphate..

He and Odinga pushed sharia on Kenya.. the 2 of them are ganging up to remove the Christian president of the Ivory Coast.. Obama's miscreant trouble making ACORN and code pink affiliates are in the middle east riling people up for revolution... their people are in the US screaming for the same.. revolution to what?????

when those who revolted in the middle east see that the miscreants have no positive plans, the same as the libs in America are seeing Obama has.. NO POSITIVE PLANS... will WW III be hand to hand, machete to machete fighting, like the crusades?


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