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What madness is this?

Submitted by Andrew Whitehead, Feb 27, 2010 06:04

"We're not going to check whether somebody is a member of an Islamist group,"

This man, Chad Lewis, speaks policy for the Washington State Department of Corrections? Why hasn't the Washington State DOC stepped up and read its own regulations against allowing dangerous persons into its prisons? If the DOC won't enforce its own rules, who will?

This is political madness that will get people killed. Only someone willfully ignorant or completely naive would place any faith in a CAIR - related program; CAIR is here to destroy our country from within. We must stop them using our prison system as a recruiting depot and boot camp for radicalizing prisoners or we will suffer the consequences.

The Washington State DOC needes new leadership, now; leadership that will stop any CAIR-related person from entering any of its facilities for any reason other than intake for processing.


Great Article Exposing Yet Another form of Infiltration

Submitted by JH WHITE, Feb 25, 2010 15:18

This report by IPT is an excellent example of how Islamic entities continue to infiltrate all level of society. Forgot about who's a moderate and who's a radical - it doesn't matter. Islamic entities use both terrorism and political, social, and economic means to advance Islam - and taking into prisons is just another form of indoctrination.

The US Citizen needs to read and begin to understand how legal means can turn a country upside down with disastrous results, one such book that should be read is that of Rabinovich, Itamar. The Lebanon War 1970-1985. New York: Cornell University Press. 1985.

It describes the conditions that existed before and the lead up to the Lebanon War - it could happen in various forms here in the U.S. and only through education and public awareness can we stop Islamic advancement from occurring, something that would change the US forever.


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