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The truth of the reality

Submitted by PatriotUSA, Sep 17, 2009 03:09

The above article is an excellent example of why the IPT has been and will continue to bein my top five sites for vaild, verified information on terrorism and islamofacism. I am in the middle of Mr. Emerson's latest book American Jihad and I am finding this to be an outstanding reference and history of Jihad and terrorism within the United States. I have been reading here for quite some time but this is the first time I will be leaving a comment.

The State Dept. should be ashamed of themselves for playing such dhimmi fools and stooges, right into radical islam's clutches. The pandering to these radical groups will do nothing but set back some of the limited progress that has been made against such groups. The State Dept. in my view has been sliding in this direction for quite some time. Under the Obama administration these moves have accelerated and serve nothing more than to put this country at greater risk of more terrorist attacks, the loss of more American lives. Under the misguided policies of diversity and multiculturalism, radical Islam will continue to seek out and utilize our own weakness to radical islam's advantages. The efforts, research and exposure of radical islam by the IPT are badly needed as it seems to me that those of us who see, study and voice our concerns about radical islam are fighting an uphill battle against our own Government. It is tough enough to be active against radical Islam. Now we have the Obama goons throwing away assets(our taxes) to help promote such vile orannizations such as CAIR, MB, MSA, ISNA, the list is a long one. To remain silent and still is the same as waiting for death when you talk about radical islam. I refuse to to one of the ones that will let radical Islam assert control over this country and it's citizens. Keep up the excellent job you are doing here at IPT.


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