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In Gratitude

Submitted by General Public AYS, Jul 4, 2009 16:56

I only wish to express my gratitude for the efforts you are making in bringing information to the ignorant and lazy. Those who once sat on their certainties, like myself, are now are awake and active due to people like yourself. One day my ability to express the simplest of autonomous opinion may be lost and these very words condemn me to death.

So much has been made clear to me, the son of a father who'd volunteered to fight, and help to defeat, a former tyranny - thinking naiively that his anxious years away from his family made them safe for all time.

It is my duty, borne of loving gratitude for such sacrifices, to champion the desire to speak freely and to support the ideas and institutions which enable me to do so. It means to make the effort myself to study those things which appall me: the koran; the hadiths; the words of modern islamic clerics; the stupidity of dhimmi apologists; and also the dreadful messages brought into the dangerous open by those strangers who have my interests at heart.

To old to shake anything substantial, I will instead use words; information, and spread them amongst the complacent. I shall try not to bore them but that is down to the style of dissemination. I'm not to old to practice.

Good luck everyone, and take heart.


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