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Israel's Existence

Nov 30, 2011 13:22

There was an Israel with Jeursalem as its capital 1400 years before Mohammed was born, and the beginning of Islam. As well, there is already a Palestinian state called in 1948, Transjordan, Now Jordan, with a Palestinian princess, and the majority of its population Palestinian. While discussing the return of former properties, and the right of return of so-called Palestinians to what is now the LEGAL State of Israel, one should also regard the rights of 850,000 Jewish residents, who were forced to leave their Arab homelands with just the clothes on their backs, under forced expulsion or death, conversion was never a consideration for these Jewish residents. Their descendant had lived in Muslim countries for millenniums, but Israel took them in, educated, fed, clothes and housed them, and helped them to become part of the Jewish Nation, and didn't keep them as prisoners in camps as have the Muslim countries, where these so called Palestinians exist.

Their own people don't want them. Stop giving them money, stop giving them food, make them find countries to accept them, and help make them productive citizens like Israel did for her people, and continues to do for her people.


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