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Submitted by Irani, Jun 16, 2010 13:57

To let the VIRUS propagate abroad, thinking fronteres can stand firm against fondamentalisme!! Please, don't make the same mistake to tollerate this serious viral alert! ...Turkey and now American universities!

We were not lucky or as aware as we should have been 31 years ago ! For Khomeyni was patient Zero!

Well, ... good luck !


It's all about PC

Submitted by harleyone, May 25, 2010 13:30

Our culture has become obsessed with being politically correct and Teabag is right authority cowers when these Islamic maniacs raise their ugly heads. What we need are leaders with the intestinal fortitude to face them down and say NO. We The People MUST vote out those who perpetuate this dangerous nonsense.

God Bless America


They're giving us the rope, but why put it around our necks?

Submitted by Teabag, May 25, 2010 00:00

What amazes me, is that the extreme Muslims tell us exactly what they intend to do - like destroying us from within. Yet we allow them to come here, study in our schools, spread anti-Semitism, push for Sharia law, and call us racists and bigots when we point out what they're doing. They break our laws, from lesser ones like suppressing the free speech of others, to major ones like raising funds for terrorist organizations. Why aren't they investigated, confronted with the evidence and, if citizens, thrown out of the schools, or if not citizens, deported. Why do we let them get away with this?


Drake is a chicken!

Submitted by Sandra, May 24, 2010 23:26

Drake is scared of the radical islamists, and the radical islamists are scared to allow a Jew's comments to be heard, uninterupted. I don't know what their fear is, but they're obviously intent on the speech not being heard, so they must be afraid of SOMETHING! What a loser organization that would plan such a hypocritical move and then lie to cover up the fact that they planned it! I say kick 'em out of school, and if they're here on student Visas, kick 'em out of our country!


What to do ?

Submitted by tankfixer, May 24, 2010 17:44


That is the solution for those who come to this country for study but are unwilling to abide by it's laws.


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