Treasury Department Designaton of the Holy Land Foundation

by U.S. Treasury Dept.
December 4, 2001

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IPT Backgrounder:

The Holy Land Foundation's assets were frozen in December 2001 by FBI and Treasury Department based on charges that it had raised funds for Hamas. Among HLF's founders was Musa Abu Marzooq, political leader of Hamas.[1] In July 2004 a federal grand jury indicted HLF and seven of its leaders on charges of providing material support to designated foreign terrorist organization HAMAS.[2] In December 2004 a federal judge ruled that HLF (along with IAP) was liable for a $156 million dollar lawsuit for aiding and abetting the terrorist group Hamas in the murder of a 17-year old American citizen.[3] The terrorism finance trial against the Holy Land Foundation began in July 2007.

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