Zaid Naman on the Brotherhood in America

by Zaid Naman, a.k.a. Zeid al-Noman
Early 1980s

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IPT Summary:

Naman details the history of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, explaining the centrality of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) to the Movement. He also reveals the existence of Brotherhood camps for military training.

Notable Quotes:

  • Um [Unidentified Male]: By "Securing the Group", do you mean military securing? And, if it is that, would you explain to us a little bit the means to achieve it.[sic]

    Ze [Zeid Al-Noman]: No. Military work is listed under "Special work". "Special work" means military work. "Securing the Group" is the Group's security against outside dangers. For instance, to monitor the suspicious movements on the…,which exist on the American front such as Zionist; Masonry…etc. Monitoring the suspicious movements or the sides, the government bodies such as the CIA, FBI…etc, so that we find out if they are monitoring us, and we are not being monitored, how can we get rid of them. That is what is meant by "Securing the Group."

  • If the asking brother is from Jordan, for instance, he would know that it is not possible to have military training from Jordan, for instance, while here in America, there is weapons training in many of the Ikhwan's camps.

  • In some of the regions when they go to a camp, they take two things, they would request a camp which has a range, a shooting range and one which has a range to shoot, one which has a range which they use for shooting. You would find that in some of the camps. They would get an advanced permit for that.