Writings by Todd Bensman

Title Publication Date
Selective Memory: The Carefully Excised "WHY" of the 9/11 Attacks Special to IPT News September 15, 2021
Minnesota Military Linguist Ensnared in Honeypot "Abandoned Her Country" for Hizballah Special to IPT News April 20, 2021
CBP Removes Press Release About Migrants on the U.S. Terror Watch List Who Crossed the Southern Border Special to IPT News April 7, 2021
The Afrasiabi Affair: Media Outlets Silent About Publishing Alleged Covert Iranian Agent Special to IPT News March 16, 2021
Guatemala's Terrorist Designation of Hizballah Explained Special to IPT News December 4, 2020
Ending Trump Travel Ban Portends Return to Immigration Security Challenges Special to IPT News November 23, 2020
FBI Renews Activity on Forgotten '94 Panama Plane Bombing Special to IPT News November 9, 2020
Passport case fuels terror fear San Antonio Express-News March 22, 2008