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Obama's speech in Cairo

Submitted by Lee Kenaga, Jun 11, 2009 11:50

I hpe his speech will see radical Islam will soften their actions but when they have their stated goal: making Islam the onlry religion in the world, and the instituion of shariah law yo take place of our constittyion, I highly doubt it for a person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still! Good luck. Obama---you need it1


Thank you, Dr. Jasser

May 18, 2009 00:45

Dr. Jasser,

Thank you for being a light in an often dark world. Your writing inspires hope for all. Your words give hope to those less fortunate than us who all too often forget that we have been given the greatest gift of all-liberty to speak, worship and be heard. I applaud your actions, energy, and voice for fighting for the rights all people, all creeds, all colors. My best hope is that we all find true peace through strength. I thank you for your perseverance.



Thank you Dr. Jasser

Submitted by FK, Feb 1, 2009 17:15

Dr. Jasser -

I join my voice to yours and to others' who have written in support of your words, your efforts, your visions.

Your courage, erudition and capacity are laudable and I will certainly contribute to your organization in several ways (financial, letter writing, and by continuing to follow the admonitions and recommendations at the end of your film, beginning with the admonition by Bernard Lewis: Wake UP!!!

The world is in a precarious situation. Those oblivious to our concerns / those who continue to live as if they are passing and don't pose the greatest threat to our democracies, will suffer just as the rest of us do / will.

Thank you again, for being you. Please let me know how most effectively to support you.

F. K.


Felicitations! I have great admiration for your courage and honesty

Submitted by Alisa Jost, Jan 29, 2009 10:22

Dear Dr. Jasser,

I sit here wide-eyed in astonishment and awe. You are a leader and a hero. Your clear-eyed and articulate analysis of what is happenning and what is to come is refreshing, frightening but also very frightening. You speak the truth without hesitation and mince no words in calling things as you see them. Thank you. Thank you on behalf of my family, myself, my community and the countries of the world that are welcoming of all peoples and all religion.

As a jew who counts muslims amongst my very closest friends and confidantes, I deeply and sincerely appreciate your frankness. I despise and condemn facsist theocrats in my own religion and join you in condemning you in any and all religions. As a citizen of Switzerland and Canada and a resident of the United States, I see the terrible and ironic truth that our own commitment to tolerance and openess, freedom of speech and religion are being turned on their heads and used in the most insidious and destructive ways. As a mother of four I hope your calls are not unheeded so that your children and mine and their children will enjoy a life of freedom.

We have to heed your call to recognize the difference between hate speech and political correctness. We can call a muslim fascist theocrat just that; we certainly do not hesitate to recognize and condemn neo-nazism when we see it.

Thank you again for your honesty and courage. I wish you and your family - especially your beautiful children - a long and happy life.


Now that's what I call a dream

Submitted by erin4iraq, Jan 26, 2009 13:04

If Pres. Obama communicated even half of what's here, the world could change.


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Obama's speech in Cairo [61 words]

Lee Kenaga 

Jun 11, 2009 11:50

Thank you, Dr. Jasser [87 words]


May 18, 2009 00:45

Thank you Dr. Jasser [130 words]


Feb 1, 2009 17:15

Felicitations! I have great admiration for your courage and honesty [264 words]

Alisa Jost 

Jan 29, 2009 10:22

Now that's what I call a dream [13 words]


Jan 26, 2009 13:04

You're the greatest Muslim in the United States this day! [179 words]


Jan 25, 2009 21:15

more Muslims [35 words]

Lewis Loflin 

Jan 24, 2009 18:36

The Beginning of World-change [67 words]

Hal B 

Jan 23, 2009 16:53

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