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Evil can't be reformed

Submitted by Mongoose, Aug 11, 2016 12:27

islam cannot be "reformed", read their "holy book".


Goal of the Rapists

Aug 6, 2016 02:20

It's amazing how Germany and European countries suffering the rape epidemic failed to realize that the goal of the immigrant rapists is to impregnate those they rape so they could give birth to children of their own kind. As that happens, their population will increase and with time, they will take over those territories without struggle.


Shameful Govt Coverup

Jul 29, 2016 01:06

How dare the Govt cover up these crimes.

They let the rapefugees into the country and did not protect its citizens.

Shame on Merkel and anyone else complicit in these crimes.

Not Shame - Arrest and Punishment so they don't do it again.


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