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well said

Submitted by paul, Jan 22, 2016 10:33

well said Pia van der Molen....we must stick together ...i live in England


Europe should have seen this coming.lI

Submitted by Laura, Jan 20, 2016 15:25

As Pia mentioned in her comment, this type of behavior by Mosllim youth and men is not new. It has been tolerated for years in countries such as the Netherlands, where I was born, but no longer reside. The political correctness has resulted in a boldness on the part of the Moslim immigrants, while the population is afraid to voice its fears. It is implied that European woman are to blame for not covering themselves up.

Europe has been foolish, allowing tens of thousands of so called refugees (mostly men!) to invade its peaceful countries. The future does not look good for Europe.

I agree with TwFS's comment that they will have another thing coming if they try this in the U.S. Many women here carry a (legal) concealed weapon in order to defend themselves against just such violence.


Hey, moberndorf

Submitted by TwS, Jan 19, 2016 19:55

I can't figure what you mean by "hypocritical hysteria". Lots of us on the other side of the pond figure your political leaders messed up by brining in these migrants, and continue to mess up by not owning the mistake and dealing with the situation.

As for when they arrive here, I'm armed. I carry my permitted handgun everywhere I go. I don't want to use it, but I can if I must. I certainly will to protect my wife and daughter. Maybe you guys gave up your right to real self-defense too soon?


Muslim rapists

Submitted by Greg, Jan 19, 2016 19:52

This has been swept under the carpet all over the liberal west for fear of undermining "multiculturism." Authorities who conceal such acts and danger hot spots leave citizens unaware and off guard. Such dereliction of duty (for ideological reasons) should expose them to class actions on a massive scale. That is the way to stiffen gutless politicians.

Islamic Mosques, schools and centers of learning should be required to openly teach tolerance and respect for other cultures. All hate speech and incitement to violence should attract prison terms at the very least. This we can do in the west at least ; combined with prudent immigration laws and checks to minimise extremists entering the country. Compassion is wonderful but it can not trump our duty of care to our citizens.

In the longer term these measures must be implemented in the Madrasas around the world where bearded old men twist young boys . This is nothing more than child abuse. Abhorrent! This is the most difficult task of all. "Moderate muslim majority" where are you?


Muslim rapist

Jan 19, 2016 14:12

Utterly disgusting! These are Muslims who live by the glorious Qur'an's teachings! Much thanks to previous president Bush Jr. and present president Obama for support of Islam's doctrine of subjugation! Muslim Bush Jr. and Obama will go down in history as the forefathers of the Islamic States of America! What a legacy!


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well said [13 words]


Jan 22, 2016 10:33

Europe should have seen this coming.lI [139 words]


Jan 20, 2016 15:25

Hey, moberndorf [94 words]


Jan 19, 2016 19:55

Muslim rapists [174 words]


Jan 19, 2016 19:52

Muslim rapist [52 words]


Jan 19, 2016 14:12

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Pia van der Molen 

Jan 19, 2016 12:14

  De uitbraak van geweld tegen vrouwen is niet nieuw. [44 words]


Feb 2, 2016 20:19

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Jan 19, 2016 09:55

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Jan 18, 2016 20:01

why? [127 words]


Jan 18, 2016 15:33

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Dan Nowotarski 

Jan 16, 2016 23:30

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Jan 16, 2016 22:02

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Dr. Ross L Riggs 

Jan 15, 2016 22:42

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Jan 30, 2016 14:37

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Al Sundel 

Jan 15, 2016 18:11

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