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Submitted by montlasky, Jun 10, 2016 02:09

The report is totally correct as many reports on this topic are.

Surely, all can see that there is no point in discussing a "two state solution" which should be relabelled "two state disaster". as the Palestininas keep up their demand for the whole of Israel. If they were in the slighest bit intrerested, which they aren't, they couldn't care less about Israel being a Jewish state, which it will always be. They would cease and desist for calling for the death to all Israelis and other blood curdiling threats which doesn't make for good neibhours now or in the future.

The world's community is siding with the "Palestinians" which makes Israel's intention of destroying these monsters almost impossible. Israel needs all the friends she can get-but at what expense? A small country with 8 million peop[le needs friends. Again a what expense?

Israel as small as it is, could totally obliterate it's enemies. That's the tragedy. She is being dictated to by the world at large and sadly the Western countries are in the forefront of this problem.

How long can Israel sustain this world wide pressure for a "two state disaster".?

Israel at the right time must take care of it's own destiny as she always does by whatever means at her disposal.


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